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THUNDERPORT is an innovative, next generation, application firewall-like, complex and complete Open Source E-mail security system. Innovative, because it’s using many new, innovative technologies in fighting against E-mail security threats, that other vendors does not implement at the moment. Next generation because the every aspect of development goes beyond the known classic security development models widely used nowadays, in the form of a self-defending, proactive bug detection abilities present in all areas of product functionality. The aspect of an application firewall comes from the way of how it combines the transparent proxy and layer 7 firewall functionalities, protecting not only the SMTP protocol, the embedded Thunderport SecOS operating system from known and major unknown vulnerability attacks, the whole local area network, but the integrity of sensible data and information, that should never be exposed without filtration directly to the internet, and definitely NOT to wide public audience or hackers.


Thunderport Networks is proud to introduce you an innovative technique in the battlefield of fighting against spam, called Humanoid Robot Sensors. This technology implies that the persistent and growing problems that spam and malware present to businesses and the marketplace can be easily defeated by using the human intelligence and way of thinking embedded into a rock-solid computer engine. This engine acts like a humanoid robot, who is capable to test, examine, learn, decide, ask for decision from humans to bring his intelligence to perfection. Thunderport Messaging Security Appliances are using this technology to dramatically reduce the cost of human work, the cost of „Being and Remaining Well Informed”, about what exactly happens with security issues within your organization.


Complete, industry-leader features and functionality brings THUNDERPORT to a 99 percent spam catch rate out of the box with the lowest false positive rates in the industry. Highly affordable, easy to use and configure the THUNDERPORT Spam application layer Firewall provides You the highest, most effective level of defense capabilities all over the world.